If elected, as your Next Long Beach City Council 6 District 6 I will fight to:


  • If elected I will fight  for accessible housing. Because It's a fundamental human right, we need to constantly address the unhoused crisis in Long Beach for a comprehensive, and compassionate approach. If elected, I will call local policymakers , authorities, residents, Community Agencies including Federal, State, County agencies to address the crisis of unhoused people in Long Beach for a safe, affordable, stable place to live along with community support and services. 


  • If  elected I will fight for you to have  access to affordable quality care and support services, for youth and adults to have routine access to the resources necessary to maintain good mental health. And support  policies that provide compassionate support by qualified individuals for those in our communities who need acute care, without risk of harmful police intervention or escalation in a crisis situation. 


  • I will Support public schools for better programs and resources for better education, because it is the great equalizer, and  I will invest in K-12 education, better lunch programs for our children. Teachers are the backbone of our democracy, fostering curiosity and creativity, building skillful individuals, and strengthening informed children. Need better working environment


  • If elected I will fight to support policies that prioritize education, affordable and accessible contraception, safe and legal abortion, and comprehensive healthcare for all, irrespective of socioeconomic status. It's an important commitment to empower individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health, fostering a society that respects diversity and community well- being for all despite  of your origin, race, background or your status. 


  • I believe and support that voting is a sacred foundational right that must be protected and that all qualified voters should have equal and equitable access to any and all means of casting their vote in all elections. It should be centered on physical access to voting accommodations for disabilities, as well as having reasonable access to information about how to learn about the candidates and issues they are voting on. This includes having voter information in multiple languages and rigorous approach to publication of information in all districts and all civic platforms.


  • When it comes to talking about immigration, I look to myself. as an immigrant. Immigration policy should be fairness, and humane. I do believe in creating a comprehensive immigration reform that provides a clear path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have been contributing to our society.
  •  I also believe that reform should prioritize family reunification, keeping families together because families build communities and therefore immigration policies should uphold the values of dignity, respect, and opportunity for all those who come to our country in pursuit of a better future.


  • If elected  will fight for advancing racial justice and equity by consistently  addressing the issue with leaders across entities and legislators.


  • I support  that LGBTQ+ people deserve safety and apply to youth and adults alike.

 Below ( Learn More is the list of other problems that affects our community. 


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